Faced with a community need for additional youth soccer parks, the town of Los Gatos purchased a former Verizon corporation yard adjacent to Los Gatos Creek, and sought to convert the site into youth recreation fields.


The challenge of this project was to design a field for heavy, year-round use without increasing stormwater runoff into the adjacent creek. According to the C.3 requirements of the Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit, the site improvements were required to store the first inch of rainfall before the water could be released into the creek.

To accomplish this, CALA’s team used permeable surfacing over the majority of the site, including porous asphalt in the parking area, all underlain by a permeable aggregate base layer that stores rainwater while it slowly percolates into the soil. The design reduced stormwater discharge from a pre-project condition of 4.0 cubic feet per second to a post-project level of 1.6 cfs.


Town staff hired CALA to prepare park concept drawings and preliminary estimates, and to conduct extensive public outreach. The team was also retained for construction documentation and assistance on the project, which included design of a synthetic turf soccer and lacrosse field, 41-space parking lot, a restroom and concession building, picnic space, and small play feature.

    Creekside Sports Park
    Los Gatos, CA
    SCVURPPP Site Design and Low Impact Development for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Award, Public Project, 2013
    Conceptual Design
    Public Outreach
    Design Development
    Construction Documents
    Construction Support

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