City College Ped Overcrossing and RT Plaza


With new homes planned across from City College and the adjacent light rail station, the City of Sacramento wanted to encourage students and residents to utilize alternative modes of transportation by providing a direct, safe connection for pedestrians and bicyclists across both regional transit and Union Pacific Railroad lines.


The project required close collaboration with engineers, architects and city staff to develop a bridge tall enough to span both rail lines, but with a small footprint to minimize its impact on adjacent properties and an approach that would be accessible to the widest audience. Visual simulations were instrumental to clearly communicate options and impacts to multiple property owners, and to develop a cohesive aesthetic that draws from the architecture at either end of the crossing.


CALA’s role within the design team, led by Drake Haglan, included concept development, visual simulations, and outreach to refine the bridge design and pedestrian plazas. Once the preferred design was selected CALA was again retained to develop construction documents for the site work and to provide limited support during construction.

    City College Pedestrian Overcrossing and Light Rail Station
    Sacramento, CA
    APWA Project of the Year
    Concept Design
    Bridge Aesthetics
    Construction Documents
    Construction Support

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