Marie Mai

Principal/COO - PLA, ASLA, CPSI

For Marie, Landscape Architecture is the perfect marriage of creative artistry and technical finesse. Coming from a background in biology and history, Marie delayed graduation in pursuit of a triple major, eventually settling for a double. Fast forward 17 years and dozens of projects later, she is glad she took the “super senior” route. Every day brings a new challenge, and Marie is glad to work on such a wide range of project types to help clients resolve their most pressing problems. “The most rewarding aspect of landscape architecture for me is seeing the transformation of things. Sparks of ideas sketched on pieces of trace morph into public facilities that one can visit, play on, and walk through. A previously derelict parcel of land becomes a vibrant neighborhood park that serves local families. It’s gratifying to be part of the change that makes our communities better.” In her spare time, Marie likes to go to concerts, go camping, garden, and spend time with her family.