Dan Miller

Senior Associate - PLA, ASLA, LEED AP

Dan was an east coast transplant before finding home here in California in 2003. As a kid he had an excitement for design and building, whether it was with Legos or drawing comic books. Through the years this passion focused on design of the built environment. Initially beginning his studies in Architecture, Dan quickly began to appreciate the opportunities that the practice of Landscape Architecture provided and shifted his focus toward the study and design of outdoor spaces. “I love the opportunity to utilize all kinds of building materials (trees, shrubs, wood, rock, metal, concrete, etc.) to create spaces that people not only move through, but truly experience in a way that impacts their everyday life in some way.” In addition to his leadership role as Associate in the firm, Dan utilizes his love for technology and is continuously exploring opportunities to improve design and communication in the Callander studios. Outside of the office you can often find Dan DJ-ing Saturday morning family dance parties, passing his Lego passion to his two children or exploring the wine country with his wife and friends.