Brian Fletcher

Principal - PLA, ASLA, LEED AP

Since the start of my career I have been fascinated with the design process. Nothing excited me more than creating alternative after alternative on seemingly never ending rolls of tracing paper. My day wasn’t meaningful unless the trash can was full of crumpled attempts and my hands were covered in ink. However, it wasn’t until I experienced my first community workshop that I began to realize how dependent strong communication skills were to the design process.

Design and communication have continued to be my passions. Over the years I have been able to build confidence in my own abilities as well as develop a great set of tools and techniques. By working closely with our clients to determine their specific project goals, CALA is able to develop customized outreach strategies to maximize input and consensus. Now my most meaningful days include personal interactions with community members and well supported designs as they reach Council.

Now we are all challenged with continuing to build upon Peter Callander’s legacy. I have the opportunity and responsibility to shape the direction of the office and of the careers of our staff. My goals moving forward are to foster an environment that people want to work and grow in while providing exceptional service to our clients and building great communities.