Ben Woodside

President/Principal - PLA, ASLA

The busier life gets the more folks value public spaces. Landscape Architecture improves lives by providing an escape from the grind and technology that drowns them, making places where we can be human together, be families together.

Having started at CALA as an intern, my biggest influence was – and continues to be – Peter Callander. He took what I learned while at Cal Poly (‘learn-by-doing’, context-oriented design, form follows function, the importance of site analysis – all that good stuff) and nurtured and refined it in such a way that it continues to shape my career. He taught all of us that being honest and likable goes far and that building trust is everything. Most challenging about being a principal at CALA is balancing the desire to do anything for our clients and staff with the reality of running a business. On the flip side, it’s important to not take ourselves too seriously and I enjoy reminding myself and others to laugh on a daily basis.