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Helmets On, Car Keys Down! Bike to Work Day 2022

May 20th was national Bike to Work Day (BTWD)! BTWD is a day to celebrate how biking can be a fun and healthy way to get to work. Every year, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC), a regional bike advocacy organization, helps coordinate energizer stations for BTWD in Santa Clara County. Our San Jose office was really excited to be able to host a station along the Guadalupe River Trail. In addition to handing out refreshments, we also got up bright and early to bike to work and collectively biked 75 miles roundtrip!

“It was really fun to bike to work together with Grant and Kelly! I like supporting BTWD because it’s a great way to reduce our carbon emissions. BTWD inspires many people who don’t regularly bike to work (including myself) to muster up the courage and make it happen this one day of the year – and what’s cool is that we are more capable than we think!” – Melinda Wang, Designer in the San Jose Office

“It’s a delightful annual challenge to put in the miles on my bike on Bike to Work Day. I’m always impressed to experience the amazing trail networks that are available for bike commuting, and also reminded that there is still a lot of work to do to make streets safer and more efficient for multimodal travel.” – Grant Huang, Project Manager in the San Jose Office

” While we did not bike to work, my fiancé and I did bike to Dutch Bros. Coffee a few times. We did not take any trail, just surface roads, but it was nice to get out and ride knowing there was a reward in the end.” – Amanda Holtman, Job Captain in the Gold River Office

“Riding my bike brought back so many good memories from when I used to live in a bike friendly town where I rode everyday to get to work and run errands. It was also heartwarming to see so many different folks using our local trails and bike infrastructure to go about their day. ” – Kelly Kong. Designer in the San Jose Office


Melinda Wang

Job Captain - PLA

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