Trail Count 2017!

Can there be a better way to spend a couple hours in the middle of the workweek than being outdoors, sitting alongside one of San Jose’s many streamside trails?  Just getting away from the office and watching cyclists and joggers whoosh by, or mothers pushing their little ones in a stroller or even the occasional skateboarder gliding by, is a welcome relaxation for a typical Wednesday.  A few of our staff had just that experience when they volunteered for the City of San Jose’s 11th annual trail count.

Callander Associates has, for the better part of a decade been involved in counting trail users at trail count stations all over the City. Our staff are enthusiastic to return each year as they have a pure passion for trails.  Here is what our volunteers had to say about this years count:

Nate Ritchie, Project Manager in our Burlingame Office: “This was my third year participating in the trail count and I have to say it was quite fun! I was stationed in a beautiful location right by a creek and fountain. It seemed like such an oasis from the City. Watching people enjoy the trails is a rewarding experience. My count was pretty high for mid-afternoon, 100 people in two hours! Shows how important the trail network is to the community.”

Jana Schwartz, Designer in our San Jose Office: “This is my second year as a trail counter, and I love that the City provides this opportunity for me to be involved in the data-collection process. I am a data junky and a frequent trail user, so this experience is enjoyable on many levels. As a Downtown San Jose resident and professional, I rely on the trial system for work commutes as a transportation corridor and for fun as a gateway to regional activities. Taking counts and having conversations with other trail users reinforces the importance of the trail system and the mission to expand and enhance the network.”

Marie Mai, Associate in our San Jose Office: “I’ve been doing Trail Counts for the City almost since the inception of the program, and have had the opportunity to count at a number of different trail systems. What I’ve noticed is how popular the trails are to employees working in San Jose. From Cisco employees commuting along Coyote Creek Trail, to Ebay employees doing walking meetings along Los Gatos Creek Trail, to Adobe employees taking a lunch stroll along the Guadalupe River Trail, the trail network provides a great benefit to the local community.”

Fact Sheet prepared by Yves Zsutty, Citywide Trail System Program Manager

To learn more about this years findings,  click here to view the recently published Trail Count 2017 Summary Report, prepared by the City of San Jose’s Citywide Trail System Program Manager, Yves Zsutty. The City has ambitious goals for their trail system and the trail count goes a long way in paving the way for future trail development around the City.  We look forward to participating in future trail counts!

– Dave Rubin, Associate in our San Jose Office

September 29, 2017 at 5:56 pm