The Students Have Their Say: Roosevelt Elementary Play Yard Visioning

The Community has spoken and we BETTER listen up!  Play yards at Roosevelt and Washington elementary schools in Burlingame are undergoing a makeover and the kids are leading the charge!  These pictures are from a ‘reporting in’ exercise.  The incredible thing is that the entire school was engaged in the exercise.  Pre-K through 5th grade classes all made presentations which resulted in 100% participation (good luck getting that on a park project!).
Truly it was a sight to behold, and at least half the fun was the incredible creativity that these kids showed.  Though templates and bases had been provided for use in laying out options, it didn’t take the kids long to move past those and engage in some really out of the box thinking.  So,….the gauntlet has been thrown down!   Our challenge is to synthesize these great ideas into a cohesive plan that does this school justice.  They did their part, now it’s up to us!
Mark Slichter, Principal

October 23, 2018 at 7:10 pm