Recreation That Doesn’t Go Out of Style

The great outdoors beckons….and always has!  Fashion styles, hair styles and pop culture all change over time, but one thing remains the same: our fond affection for being in the great wide open.  Whether you were rollerblading on the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail in those acid-washed jeans or walking on the Virginia Corridor Trail in your skinny jeans, Callander Associates has been there for the past 45 years providing timeless design for recreational facilities across northern California.  So go on, get out there!  It’s always in style.

Coyote Point Beach Trail, 1981

Coyote Point Beach Trail, 1979

Monterey Bay Recreation Trail, 1984

Baylands Trail, 1987

Tidewater Bikeway, 1995

Neary Lagoon, 1997

Bayside Park Trail, 1998

Riverwalk, 2004

Centennial Way, 2006

Stojanovich Family Park, 2010

Lower Guadalupe River Trail, 2012

Putah Creek Trail, 2014

Virginia Corridor, 2016

Lake Natoma Trail, 2017

Passatempo Park, 2017

Written by: David Rubin, Associate and Outdoor Enthusiast in the San Jose Office

February 15, 2018 at 8:42 pm