Penitencia Creek Trail, Reach 1 is a Reality!

At long last, Penitencia Creek Trail, Reach 1 is a reality!  With the completion of the trail in 2016, San Jose citizens have much to celebrate.  This 1/2 mile link in the Penitencia Creek Trail completes the connection to Alum Rock Park, a favorite weekend destination.  The implementation of this trail is a testament to trail advocates everywhere.  The trail had long been planned, with evidence of it to be found in the City of San Jose’s Greenprint, a trail visioning document first published by the city in 2000.  The value of this segment was well known then; to provide a connection to Alum Rock Park and as a key link in the system of trails connecting the Bay Area Ridge Trail with the San Francisco Bay Trail.  The trail came one step closer to reality when Callander was retained to prepare the Master Plan that would define the alignment, identify the challenges to implementation and develop practical solutions that could be employed to carry the project forward.  The Master Plan was adopted in October 2006.

Fast forward to 2009 and Callander Associates is again involved with the project, this time as a subconsultant to CH2M.  Our involvement was key in developing appropriate solutions (mitigation) to offset the impacts to this highly sensitive corridor.  Measures included replacement plantings to compensate for tree removals where they were unavoidable.  In other areas special provisions were made, including ‘floating’ boardwalks to minimize the impact to the roots of the magnificent California Sycamores lining the creek.

In total, Callanders involvement with this trail project spans over 10 years.  Remarkably, the same CA personnel were there to see it all the way through to completion!  Now, how’s that for perseverance?

Mark Slichter, Principal in Burlingame Office

January 17, 2017 at 5:33 pm