Parks In The City: San Francisco Recreate Tour

On a warm September Saturday,  a group of us set out to tour park projects in San Francisco to observe firsthand what our fellow Landscape Architecture firms were designing and to learn from their designs.

Our first stop was Mariposa Park, directly across the street from the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. The project’s plant palette was truly impressive for a park in the middle of the city. The diversity, density, and variety in color made walking around the park a very enjoyable experience.

After Mariposa Park we took the short walk over to Daggett Plaza. The plaza is a recreational green space between two relatively new apartment buildings. The plaza features a small dog park, open lawn, public art, and a hybrid seating art piece near the center of the park. The modular geometric concrete blocks placed together at varying heights is the star element, adding both character and seating to the park.

We then made our way to Mission Bay Kids Park which had a good mix of natural play and contemporary play features. There were multiple gatherings taking place and kids of all ages running around the park. The park featured many of the new play equipment products from Kompan and Landscape Structures and it was interesting to see the equipment in action.

Our next stop was the recently opened Sales Force Transit Center’s roof garden. Arriving at the site, we were amazed by the sheer size of the park and the maturity of the trees. The circular site reminded us of the highline in New York.

After vising the transit center, we made a quick stop for lunch and then walked to Hellen Diller Civic Center Play Ground. Upon arriving, we found out the park was blocked off for the Rise for Climate Jobs + Justice Fair and Mural. We were impressed by the large unique circular net structure in the middle of the playground and the simple use of materials and color to transform a section of the plaza into a welcoming space for all to enjoy.

This marked the end of our tour and we all reflected on the projects we visited. Experiencing fellow Landscape Architecture firm’s work was truly inspirational and a learning experience we look forward to using to further enhance our work here at CALA.

Kelly Kong, Designer in the San Jose Office

October 23, 2018 at 7:25 pm