North Natomas Regional Park: Bike Yard

Just how many bikes can you park comfortably in two automobile parking stalls? In the case of the newly installed Bike Corral at North Natomas Regional Park, about 24. Funding by the North Natomas Transmit Management Authority and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District allowed the conversion of two existing 9’x18’ parking stalls to increase bike parking at the 47-acre park (where Callander has also had a hand in designing a dog park and trail upgrades).


Photo courtesy of North Natomas Transportation Management

The new 10-rack “Bike Yard” plays off of existing color and materiality in the park. It is enclosed by pre-cast split rail fencing adorned with laser cut steel lettering. Diagonal concrete score joints demarcate potential future color banding to create horizontal interest. Several existing bike racks were relocated from other locations in the park into the corral to reduce cost and increase efficient use of a tight space.

With the added bike parking a new bike valet hub becomes available for numerous events that take place in the park whether it be a bike-in movie night or seasonal farmer’s market. Additionally, increasing the amount of available bike parking will hopefully aid in reducing car dependence that is prevalent in suburban neighborhoods and encourage more trips  by bicycle leading to a more vibrant and healthy North Natomas!


The North Natomas TMA is now accepting grant applications for North Natomas businesses that want to install placemaking infrastructure that helps encourage pedestrian and bike traffic. More information can be found at the following link:

Written & Designed by Nate Oakley, Designer in Rancho Cordova office. 

November 17, 2016 at 9:54 pm