Moving on Up : Meet our Associates

Associate, Melissa Ruth (Gold River Office)

Since joining Callander in 2004, Melissa has been the Project Manager on a variety of projects including parks, trails, open space, landfills, residential development and even active adult communities. Melissa is very passionate about Community based designs. She has the exceptional ability to visualize, communicate and create unique designs that have made a lasting impact on numerous Communities. When asked what she does for a living, she tells people she’s a “Park-itect” because that’s easier than explaining what a Landscape Architect actually does. When she takes a break from the daily grind, she enjoys DIY projects on her home and yard, and playing heroes and villains with her two sons and husband.

Associate, Dave Rubin (San Jose Office)

Dave also joined Callander in 2004 and since his first day hit the ground running! He worked himself up from Designer to Project Manager at a very quick pace and hasn’t stopped since. Dave’s commitment to each of his projects combined with his exceptional management and communication skills has been invaluable for his clients. It’s no wonder that he has managed, overseen and designed over 90 projects in the last 13 years!  When he steps away from the office, Dave enjoys playing outside with my kids and trying out fun new restaurants with his wife.

We are looking forward to seeing both Dave and Melissa continue to grow in their new roles as mentors and leaders of our CALA family.

Sonja Ditto, HR Manager

May 31, 2017 at 6:15 pm