McClatchy Park: Inspired by It’s Past

Located in the heart of Sacramento’s historic Oak Park neighborhood, McClatchy Park is a beloved neighborhood space hosting a farmer’s market, little league baseball, disk golf, and many other active and passive park activities. Thanks to the recent award of a State grant, the City found themselves able to revive several of the park’s older, less used, facilities, expand the list of park amenities and upgrade many portions of the park’s infrastructure. Callander Associates is thrilled to be working with the City of Sacramento on this renovation project.

McClatchy Park is located on the site of what was “Joyland”, a turn of the century amusement park that included a zoo, carousel, miniature train and a wooden roller coaster known as the “Scenic Railway”. Inspiration for many of the park’s improvements has been found in the park’s historic amusement features.

The expanded playground facilities focus on a “Scenic Railway” inspired school-age play structure flanked by ice cream cone, popcorn and candied apple climbing features. Younger children will be able to play inside a fun house structure and a replica of the original miniature train while a zoo of climbable animals will await the youngest toddler age visitors. New park amenities include a carousel inspired water play area, a butterfly garden and a skate park which was designed, in part, through community outreach facilitated by Callander Associates’ team.

The park updates also include renovations to several portions of the parks infrastructure including upgrades to the park’s irrigation system to facilitate improved efficiency, replacement of existing park pathway lights with solar powered LED lights, and grading and drainage system improvements.

Callander’s services include public outreach, master planning, and design development. Currently, we are finalizing construction documents with construction anticipated to begin in the Spring of 2014.

Dan Miller, Project Manager

July 15, 2013 at 11:31 pm