Hacienda Blvd : Greenroads Silver Certificate


Though the concept of Green Streets has been with us for at least a decade now, there are still very few that have been built.   We’re honored and pleased to have teamed with the Town of Campbell in seeing one of the biggest Green Streets in the Bay Area come ‘on-line’.  The improvements along Hacienda Avenue extend for almost a mile, and redirect the runoff from over 5 acres of pavement to treatment areas.  This simple measure yields huge benefits to the environment by moderating stormwater runoff volume, decreasing sediment and oils deposited in the bay and reducing downstream streambed water temperatures.  We’re pleased that this project is the very first of its kind in California to be awarded a Greenroads Silver Certificate.   Click here to read more about this projects certification.


To read more about the design process and how this project began, click here.

Brian Fletcher, Principal

September 19, 2016 at 10:33 pm