Vision to Reality : City College Ped/Bike Bridge

Bridging communities and transit-oriented development were the key themes at the Grand Opening Ceremony for the Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge on May 25th, 2016. This bridge, with a unique arch design (only the second of its kind in California), attracted people from all around the community who didn’t want to miss the opportunity to walk or bike alongside City officials, local politicians and community leaders; as well as bragging rights to be the first to walk across this new landmark in the City of Sacramento. Much of the crowd, including myself and my family, started at Sacramento City College in front of the existing Light Rail Station, while others started from the Curtis Park side east of the railroad tracks. As we walked across the 50 yard bridge span, we passed the group coming from the east; there on the bridge we collectively acknowledged how truly impactful it was to bridge these communities.

This project was funded by federal transportation funds and Callander Associates is honored to have collaborated with engineers, architects, and City staff on the design of this very unique project. The pedestrian and bicycle bridge and ramp system span both Regional Transit and Union Pacific Railroad lines providing both the west side (Sacramento City College Campus) and the East Side (the new Curtis Park infill project) a safe vehicular free alternative transportation route.

With many stakeholders involved in the project it was important to provide visual examples of the bridge and ramp designs to show the impacts to the two sides of the bridge. Callander Associates was successful in modeling the bridge design to gain buy off from the various stakeholders which ultimately became a cohesive design that blends well with both sides of the ramp.

Want to see more on this project, click here to read the article written in the Sacramento City Express.

Melissa Ruth, Project Manager in the Sacramento Office

June 7, 2016 at 8:33 pm