Envisioning City of Milpitas’s International Corridor

The City of Milpitas encompasses a progressive, highly diverse community located at the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay. About 130 ethnic and national minority groups call Milpitas home. Given its diverse makeup, the City of Milpitas has embarked on development of an “International Park” to celebrate the many nationalities in Milpitas. The International Park is envisioned as a passive use public park that provides a space where various groups representing different nationalities can locate, view, and enjoy cultural displays that they have contributed that represent and symbolize their culture.

The City retained Callander Associates to evaluate the feasibility of several sites for redevelopment into an International Park, including some located within SFPUC right-of-way, in existing parks, and in proposed parkland. The SFPUC site presented too many constraints for the desired programmatic outcome. Through a community outreach process with specific cultural stakeholder groups, the concept evolved from an international park to an ‘International Corridor’ located in a more urban area along Main Street, in Midtown.

The final concept encompasses incorporation of gateway plazas and parklets to help activate the streetscape and complement the recent developments in this revitalized area of the City.  By incorporating public art in underutilized spaces, enhancing pedestrian experience through the addition of shade trees and decorative pathway lighting, and providing informal gathering areas for the community at key points along the street, the project supports the various economic and community design goals of the Midtown area while providing a way to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of the City’s residents.

Marie Mai, Associate in our San Jose Office

March 30, 2017 at 7:09 pm