Envision Skylane

What happens when you combine an innovative forward thinking City (San Jose), with a visionary trail program manager (Yves Zsutty) and a problem solving landscape architectural firm (Callander Associates)? You get Skylane…a masterplan for the Three Creeks Trail extension that provides a futuristic vision for an elevated trail gracefully crossing major transportation corridors, connecting key destinations and envisioning new entertainment destinations. Through a series of facilitated design charrette meetings, City and Callander Associates’ staff explored the inherent challenges within the corridor and brainstormed “out of the box” ideas to maximize safety, connectivity, and to reimagine what a trail could be.

The final plan documents the process and provides visually stunning renderings and engaging descriptions in hopes of educating stakeholders about a possible development plan, lobbing for funding resources, and promoting the City and its Trail Program. Plan highlights include; signature bridge features providing gateways for the City while providing safe crossings of major freeways and planned high speed rail corridors, elevated trails which overcome the challenges of limited right of way, connections to urban greening and roof top agriculture, and a new entertainment destination.

Recently the SkyLane Vision Study received a prestigious Planning Award at the International Trails Symposium. Awards are great, however we feel the best measure of success is the satisfaction of our clients.

“The Vision Study has already helped us explain visually to the Council and community the significant challenges with eastern extension of the Three Creeks Trail. We’ve also used the study to define areas of investigation for the High-Speed Rail project’s environmental document.  I expect that we will be able to leverage this project for grant writing for many of our trail systems as it demonstrates problem-solving and high-caliber design.  Thank you for team members’ hard work, imagination and talent.”  Yves Zsutty, San Jose Trails Program Manager 

Brian Fletcher, President

May 25, 2017 at 4:10 pm