Del Monte Park Sportsfield Is Now Open!

San Jose’s latest sportsfield is now open!  The sportsfields are a primary component of Phase 2 of Del Monte Park. Phase 1 was completed in 2014 and included a dog park, play area, lawn and restrooms.  Phase 2 complements Phase 1 by addressing the need for athletic fields in the community.  At over 3 acres in size, the field will be able to accommodate dozens of players, as well as their friends, fans, and family.  Striping overlays accommodate a variety of uses yet avoid the chaos of trying to be too many things to too many people.

Since December when we first shared construction photos of the project, the visual transformation of the site has been extensive. New sidewalks with street trees greet residents walking or driving to the site. Green synthetic turf create a green-colored oasis in stark contrast to the brown soils and gray buildings of just a few months prior.   The project’s ‘green’ quotient extends beyond the water savings that are a given with synthetic turf and include solar panels and stormwater detention basins artfully incorporated into the overall design.

Like the housing across the street and the restroom building and shade structures in the Phase 1 area, the site’s cannery heritage is reflected in the architectural detailing.  The industrial age turnbuckles supporting the awnings over the entry points are a signature feature and harken back to an earlier time.

Though the site preparation costs associated with infill projects can be daunting, this kind of project is becoming more prevalent where space is at a premium.    The Del Monte Park Phase 2 sportsfield addresses an immediate need in the community.  But the work of meeting the needs of this neighborhood in transition is still not done.  Next up for the City of San Jose: Del Monte Park Phase 3!

-Marie Mai, Associate in the San Jose Office

May 22, 2018 at 5:48 pm