Conserving Water One Step At A Time

California has for many years been in a drought, but this year is the worst in recorded history. With no snow pack and not a lot of rain this winter (or spring!) everyone is looking for ways to conserve water.  From the beginning, Callander has always designed our projects with water conservation at the forefront by being advocates of drip irrigation and specifying low or very low water use plants, but do our employees also conserve water in their personal lives? Well…I asked and these are the answers I received:


Dave Rubin:  Last fall, we turned off all but one of our irrigation zones at home.  The only part of the landscape still getting water this summer?…A small veggie garden!  And even that is scaled back this year.

Brian Fletcher: The credit for our family’s water savings definitely goes to my wife.  Even before the drought she felt very strongly about water conservation.  Her strategies began small with a bucket in the shower to collect water while it comes to temperature.  That water we use for our drought resistant landscaping by our front door.  From there we have installed dual flush toilet mechanisms on existing toilets, low flow shower heads, and installed a low flow toilet on a recent remodel. For Christmas she asked for a received our first water barrel for rain water collection from our roof drains.  She was thinking a small 50 gallon barrel but what I gave her was a 220 gallon barrel which was easily filled with the early rains this year.  We plan on installing a second 220 gallon barrel this summer.

Matt Gruber: I am taking military type showers (only turning the water on to get wet, turning it off, then back on for rinsing) and putting a bucket under the faucet as the water warms up to use to flush the toilet. In addition we save all the water from washing our vegetables to be used for the vegetable garden, we save our water from brewing beer to be used in our garden, and we’ve stopped watering our lawn.

Mark Slichter: well,  in the Slichter household we have a pail in the shower that fills up with water while we’re waiting for it to get hot.  We pour that into the toilet tank after flushing so it takes a lot less fresh water to recharge the tank.  I told Matt that we do this and he let me know that they’ve been doing that forever in the Gruber household.  It’s hard to keep up with the Grubers! and of course the sprinklers are off.  That’s infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things but I’m a big believer in the collective power of people to effect events.  My dead lawn might inspire hundreds of dead lawns, or if I get my act together and switch out to drought tolerant plantings, my drought tolerant plantings might inspire hundreds of drought tolerant plantings.  Then the needle starts to move…..slowly……..

Marie Mae: We’ve been conserving water by: installing synthetic turf in lieu of real turf in our backyard; harvesting rainwater for irrigating our garden; installing an automatic drip system for irrigating our garden; installing mulch to improve soil structure and conserve soil moisture; short showers for the kids (no more baths!); basin-washing dishes by hand (using rinse water in a basin and not running the faucet); taking our car to a commercial car wash and taking it less frequently.

Nate R.: Personally, I minimize my water consumption by limiting shower time, selectively flushing the toilet, and washing dishes as quickly as possible. Choosing not to eat animal foods can save roughly 250 gallons of water per week! (Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,

Brenna: I love designing with native, low water-use plants and I’m thrilled to be able to do that more often as water conservation in the landscape becomes a top priority for our clients. At home, I even helped my parents replace their front lawn with beautiful drought tolerant shrubs and groundcover last fall, and they are already seeing water savings over last year’s numbers!

Zach: I turn off the water when I soap up in the shower (dead serious, have been doing this for about 7 years now).

Ben: The Woodside family is doing a few things to conserve water.  We have shut the water off to our toilets and are using buckets to capture the water that’s usually wasted as we wait for our shower water to heat up.  We dump the buckets in the back of the toilet and we are good to go.  I am also reducing my turf area by 1/3 and installing low water use planting.

Shawn: I’ve cut back on my yard watering days and times. I’m using a 5 gallon bucket to capture the shower water before it gets hot. Full dishwasher and laundry loads and checking for irrigation leaks.

Melissa: I have implemented a “yellow let it mellow” policy at our house and we are remodeling our bathroom with the new low flow toilet and shower fixture. I am also irrigating our shrubs and lawn on an as needed (barely surviving) basis only and I planted succulents in what was once a water feature. I am also looking to invest in a rain barrel now that I have used all my buckets for capturing the little rain water we did get.

And what do I do to conserve…

Well…at the Ditto house we have a bucket in our showers to collect the cold water (because I just can’t get myself to take a cold shower!) then we use that water for our outdoor plants and garden.  We also do not leave running water on while brushing teeth or doing dishes and have cut down on showers and the amount of time in the showers (my teenager gets a 2 song maximum!). My girls like to have water by their bed at night (or else they think they will die of thirst), but often there is leftover water, so we take that water and it gets poured into our German Shepherd’s water bowl or used for our indoor plants.

As you can see at Callander we not only design with the drought in mind we personally try to make a difference! Have we inspired you? What are you doing to conserve?

Sonja Ditto – HR & Marketing Manager

April 30, 2015 at 4:15 pm