Serving our clients and the community

At Callander Associates, our belief is that working collaboratively with clients and end users ultimately builds better communities. This means acting as an extension of our clients’ staff, not only as designers and architects, but as project and neighborhood facilitators, engaging the public and stakeholders, listening to their ideas, building consensus, and then combining that input with project constraints to ensure an implementable project. What’s rewarding to us are families playing, neighborhoods growing, communities thriving, and knowing that the work we do is making a difference.

The learning never stops

The way we can continue helping others is to keep learning from our constantly changing world. Callander Associates is committed to supporting the professional development of our team through a continuing education program that provides opportunities to gain knowledge, master new skills, and achieve personal goals. We foster an environment of independence and inquiry, freely exchanging information and ideas, and even gently pushing each other’s boundaries. We believe in design charrettes, tracing paper before mouse clicks, investing in technology, and well-deserved rest at the end of a challenging day. All of this encourages growth, inspires creativity and, most importantly, makes our life at Callander Associates fun.

That’s right, FUN

Call it part of our culture if you must, but our firm encourages a “work hard-play hard” approach. We simply believe that happy people care more about what they put out into the world. That translates to more creativity and consideration in our designs as well as better service to our clients and the community. On a more personal level, we are privileged to work alongside co-workers who have become our friends. It’s what Principal, Mark Slichter loves most about being at Callander Associates: “With every new combination of staff there’s real chemistry. We’ve always had that and that’s probably the best thing about working here.” Get to know our team a little bit better within the Community page.