Building Strong Neighborhoods: Del Monte Park Phase 2

When faced with a complex project with a hard deadline, the City of San Jose turned to Callander Associates for support. Callander was retained by the City to complete master planning, environmental documentation, design development, and construction documentation for a 4-acre expansion of an existing 2-acre cannery-themed park. Challenges included a fast track schedule and site unknowns stemming from an occupied building covering a known contaminated site that had to be demolished, remediated, and turned over — all before the building lease expired! Within the span of a year, Callander completed the master plan and environmental clearance concurrently with the design drawings consisting of a 225’x360 adult synthetic turf soccer field overlaid with two 175’x225′ youth fields. Other amenities included a trash enclosure/storage building, entry gateways reminiscent of the old cannery warehouse structure, 20′ tall goal netting, 8′ perimeter chain-link fence, landscaping, on-street parking, and athletic field lights. Callander proactively reached out to potential bidders to gauge interest and market the project, with the result being multiple bids received, with the low bid 0.3% lower than the Engineer’s Estimate — no small feat given the site unknowns and robust and busy bid climate.

Following construction delays due to the soil remediation process, visible progress of the design is finally emerging. The site has been graded level and compacted in preparation for the synthetic turf soccer fields that will span across the park. Along the east side of the park there are portions that have been excavated and enclosed by a 400’ long concrete retaining wall to accommodate the stormwater treatment planters that will filter the runoff from the turf fields. A few fence posts have been erected as the contractor is in the process of core drilling the post locations along the wall.

Rebar cages are laid out along the south side of the park in anticipation of completing the new field lighting where we already see a number of light poles installed along Auzerais Avenue. The 8’ tall vinyl-clad chain link fencing that will enclose the playing field lays in rolls as we await the completion of having the posts set.

Anticipation for the park’s completion continues to grow both for the project team as well as the neighboring residents. We are eager to see the completed field and sports lighting, as well as the initial construction of the building.

Check back soon for new updates on Del Monte Park Phase 2!

Grant Huang, Designer & Marie Mai, Associate – San Jose Office

December 22, 2017 at 5:18 pm