Bay Friendly Green Streets: Hacienda Update

Some of you reading this may have also read my posting on action groups.  This is our ongoing effort to identify individual passions and align groups of like-minded people into “action groups”. These groups would be charged with advancing their own personal knowledge and expertise and the by-product of their efforts will lead to firm growth, innovation, and leadership. The goal is for these groups to be somewhat autonomous in order to determine their own direction and research.  I am pleased to say that our first group, the Connect team, took it upon themselves to visit one of our streetscape projects currently under construction, Hacienda Avenue. For details of this project click here.


The project is now about half way through construction.  The street will be totally reconstructed, including full reconstruction of the roadway to lower grades and improve drainage; however the new flush curbs and sidewalks are being constructed first.  It was interesting to see the significant grade difference between existing road grades and the new curbs, sometimes upwards of eighteen inches! We also saw firsthand the impacts a project like this has on the neighborhood and serves as a good reminder to continually evaluate how to lessen those impacts through design and construction staging strategies.



Finally we were able to see the impacts bio retention planters have on existing trees and construction detailing.  These planters work by utilizing a special blend of soil and subdrains, all of which require these areas to be over excavated creating potential impacts to existing trees as well as undermining the newly poured curbs.  Direction from our geotechnical engineer, regarding side slopes at the curbs, was incorporated into our plans and specifications to ensure stability.  While tree protection measures in place could have been more substantial, we are pleased that the trees are showing their resiliency as evident through their flowering and leafing out.  In all it was a great outing for the Connect team and provided some great inspiration for future work.  Can’t wait to share completed photographs in the next few months.

Brian Fletcher, President

April 7, 2015 at 8:11 pm