0-60 in 2.5 Seconds : BSD Synthetic Turf Fields Replacement

There are many stats we could throw out here for this project: size, cost, special attributes, materials, etc., but there is really only one to talk about:

Design Services Contracted on 05/25/2017 : Construction Completed on 9/15/2017

We know what you are thinking…that’s a typo! Nope, no typos there. For anyone who’s been in the industry for any length of time this should leave you reeling. While Callander has provided services on several projects within a very tight schedule, this kind of rapid project delivery is simply unprecedented in our history.

What was the trick? Well, to be honest, we employed a technique that we had always had some reservations about in the past. CMAS: California Multiple Award Schedule. It made sense here. The client knew what they wanted, and when you’ve got that decision made you can move really quickly. Was it a flawless process? Of course not. But it was fast!! Would we do it again? Yes, provided that the conditions were right. Did it save money? Really hard to say definitively as there are so many variables. It is debatable as to whether any monies were saved on product and installation. However, what can’t be debated is all the time and money saved that would have been spent on a more drawn out process. The important thing is it put a top flight facility into the hands of the Community at least a year and perhaps two years faster than a conventional design/bid/build process would have allowed.

Project Team: Mark Slichter-Principal, Dave Rubin-Associate/Project Manager, Likun Cao-Designer

September 14, 2017 at 7:14 pm